Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wow! Can't believe it!!!

I'm Back!!!!
...I can't believe it!!! At the age of 22 I might drive a big car.. From small car until big car I already experience drive it..For me, driving is really intresting and fun..ermm..I really love driving...Actually I can drive a car since I am 18 years old..I got my driving licences at the age of 18..but this year, I think I got a lot of opportunity to drive..I drove alomost everyday to university, to shop, send my parent to airport n sometimes I use to service my siblings like send them to their destination.
Last friday is my hectic day....really tireid!! I started my day with diving..I sent my sister to worked at ss14 subang jaya..then in the afternoon, I'll continued my job as a driver for my parents..I sent them to the LCCT airport...on the way back, I drove to next destination which is Tupperware office which is located at USJ9...the purpose I went there is to collect and pay my mom's Tupperware products...Then in the evening, I drove again to ss14 subang fetch my sister..otw back...we stuck in jam alomost 1 hour..really tired!..feel sleepy also...Huuh!!.but I am really happy that I had an oppotunity drove my mom's car (estima) the whole day...Actually...I really can't believe it.. I can drive that kind of car at the age of mine..Wow!!!mcm tak percaya je.....